Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Margit Kieske should definitively read Peter Schwartz' article, The Threat of the Paternalistic State. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"A precondition of freedom is the recognition of the individual's capacity to make decisions for himself. If man were viewed as congenitally incapable of making rational choices, there would be no basis for the very concept of rights. Yet that is increasingly how our government views us. It is adopting the role of a paternalistic nanny, zealously protecting the citizen against his own actions. In the process, our freedom is disappearing." (Peter Schwartz, 04/20/04.)

I like licorice candy. It was one of the few things I had a problem to find in America. I didn't know about the American Licorice Company.

Read Licorice Root May Keep Mental Skills Sharp by Jennifer Warner (WebMD Medical News).

Fore more on licorice, go to Gernot Katzer's spice dictionary and Licorice.org (RealShopper.com Holdings).

Here are some of my favorites:

¤ Tyrkisk Peber (Turkish Pepper).
¤ Zwart Wit Kogels (Black White Candy).
¤ Bianconeri pure licorice with a mint coating.
¤ Salmiac pastilles.

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