Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Glenn Reynolds' post on the relation between following the news and depression got me thinking about my own blogging and how writing posts and comment on daily news could get you in a bad mood. Here is a quote from Glenn's post: "I said over a year ago that if I ever quit blogging it would be because I got tired of that."

I still enjoy blogging and I will continue to blog as long as I think it is fun and I get something out of it. I will soon have my second blogiversary. I have enjoyed the comments and feedback I get from my posts, and I have met several individuals online who I share the same core-values with. I look forward to meet some of them on my future trip to the Land of Opportunity - America. I am in one way, "journalistic" speaking, pessimistic about the future of the world, but philosophically, I am more positive about the future to come. That's why I will continue to be an "armchair general" and fight the battle of ideas. On a personal note, my life is guided by an integrated system of ideas, and I am seeking the pursuit of happiness by achieving my values.

The good thing with the net and especially the blogosphere, is that you could find positive and upbeat news, different views than traditional media, and people who are fact-checking newspapers and TV-programs. But I must admit that I almost have stopped to follow the Swedish media due to the fact it is so left-leaning and biased against America. I miss my daily dose of Fox News! I am really starting to feel isolated here. My blog project Lukeion has therefore not been so active as planned, but I will still continue to post updates now and then. My goal was to enroll several Swedes and create a group blog of some sort, but as it is now I will continue do the posting with additional op-eds from friends who I know.

In order to stay sane and don't get too angry and depressed about the anti-American attitude in the Swedish media, I will take a pro-active position and get involved in a new association called the Swedish-American Association. With all my criticism of the biased media coverage in Sweden, I want to take a moment and point you to a great exception from situation, and that's Watch by Mårten Barck (freelance journalist, living in Stockholm, Sweden).

You are more than welcome to give me tips and suggestion on good news sources, and how you cope with following the daily news. Please send me an email message or comment on this post.

UPDATE 04/15/04: I'm sad to hear that Michele Catalano (A Small Victory) is taking a break, but I hope she will be back in the near future. Michele Catalano & Alan Nelson's Command Post is mentioned in the article, A boom time for blogs and bloggers. I will miss A Small Victory and Rachel Lucas for being good company and virtual "neighbors" @ Cox & Forkum's blogroll...

I was contemplating awhile ago on taking a break from blogging after I had read some nasty comments in cyberspace about my blog and my values, but then I changed my mind. So, here I am, fit for fight! Bring 'em on!

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