Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Here is an excerpt from Keith Bradsher's article, China Condemns U.S. and Britain on Hong Kong Democracy:

"The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's Communist Party-controlled Parliament, barred Hong Kong on Monday from holding popular elections for the chief executive in 2007 or for more than half of the seats in the legislature in 2008." (New York Times, 04/27/04.)

Conrad of Gweilo Diaries gives the "white devil" version of the story in his post, Give Me Liberty or Give Me CEPA:

"So, one man, one vote elections are out of the question, direct election of the Chief Executive is out of the question, increasing the proportion of democratically elected legislators is out of the question and diminishing the power of the functional constituencies to block legislation is out of the question.

In short, Beijing has declared that no meaningful democratic reform is permissible. That outcome is no surprise, although the sheer brazenness of it is unexpected."

Time for new demonstrations in Hong Kong?

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