Sunday, November 23, 2003


Is it time for Bellona to enter the stage? Blogger Salam Pax is complaining about America's (nicknamed "Georgie") "room service" in Iraq. I think that S.P. should cut the crap and shut up. "Georgie" (GWB) has no obligation to take care of the Iraqi people. The main task was to protect America by removing outside threats, e.g., Saddam Hussein & company. Salam has been protected by a "Guardian angel" for some time and recently been on British TV. Read N.Z. Bear's post, Salam Pax: A Fine Whine, and Mark Wickens' comment on James Lileks' hard-hitting answer to Salam Pax. Here is a comment by Zeyad:

"Come one Salam, if it weren't for that jolly old chap you refer to as Georgie you wouldn't be enjoying your freedom in London writing for the Guardian now would you my friend? Nevertheless enjoy your trip and wish you a safe return."

Read Mark Glaser's article, Reading Between the Lines in Iraqi Blogs and Newspapers.

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