Friday, November 21, 2003


I heard from a friend in America that Fox News had a report on O.B.L. and his whereabouts. Did you watch this program? I tried to do a search on the web site, but I couldn't find anything. Debka filed this story on September 8: Iran Helped Bin Laden's Lieutenant al-Zawahiri Escape. Reporter Massoud Ansari thinks Bin Laden is in Pakistan.

Today is "Qods day" in Iran. The mullahs are pushing the "Palestinian issue" in the following way: "every Muslim and freedom-seeking person ought to pay his debt to Palestine." I wonder what kind of "payment" they are talking about...

Here is quote from Michael Ledeen's article, Nothing to lose but their chains:

"Iran has always been the most powerful and the most lethal of the terror masters (Hezbollah is an Iranian creation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Islamic Republic), but it also holds another record of sorts: it is the first example of a totally failed Shiite Islamist state." [Via iranFilter.]

In the news: Al Qaeda vows "big strike by February"

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UPDATE 11/26/03: Special Report with Brit Hume (Fox News): Explosive New Bin Laden Evidence.

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