Friday, November 7, 2003


I must say that I am pleased with President Bush's speech at the National Endowment of Democracy. (But G.W.B. doesn't understand the link between faith and force due to his born-again Christian beliefs. He thinks that altruism, i.e. sacrifice, is a virtue, and he doesn't understand the real danger of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia.) Here are some good excerpts from the speech:

"Dictators in Iraq and Syria promised the restoration of national honor, a return to ancient glories. They've left instead a legacy of torture, oppression, misery and ruin." ... "The regime in Tehran must heed the democratic demands of the Iranian people or lose its last claim to legitimacy."

Here is "diplomat" Wesley Clark's "solution" to the problem in the Middle East: "Right now, governments like Syria and Iran believe that if the United States is successful in Iraq, they might be next. We have to change that dynamic and have some kind of a constructive dialogue with those governments." [Via Andrew Sullivan.]

From Voice of America News: Iran Accuses Bush of Interfering in Internal Affairs.

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