Monday, November 17, 2003


Read Daniel Drezner's post, A marriage made in protest, [via Andrew Sullivan] on how Jacques Chirac's administration is supporting the activities at the European Social Forum in Paris. Eduardo Montero is one of the participants. He is from Stockholm, Sweden, and is a member of the League for the Fifth International. His group has been attacking Attac for being too "soft" against capitalism. Here is a quote from the "Workers Power Global" web site:

"Attac is the centre of the right wing and reformist attempts to politically tame and organisationally hobble the anti-capitalist movement."

In the news: Leftist protests jam Paris streets. Nota Bene: For your own safety, get hold of a "sac vomitoire" (barf bag) before you click on the outgoing link to Al "JihadTV"

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