Sunday, November 2, 2003


I wrote in a post that I was thinking of adding a new feature to my blog. I have picked Thomas A. Bowden's book, The Enemies of Christopher Columbus as the Book of the Month. The book is written in a Q&A format, including appendices with historical texts and commentaries, endnotes, bibliography and afterword (133 pages). Here is an excerpt from the answer to the first question - "Who are the enemies of Christopher Columbus - and why do they seek to destroy his reputation?":

"The chief purpose of this book is to warn that the enemies of Christopher Columbus are serious, and that the ideas they endorse, if not refuted and rejected, will end in the death of science, the destruction of the cities, and the impoverishment of the human race." [Page 5.]

You are more than welcome to give me suggestions on books for the month of December.

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