Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Law of Seed in Social Media Marketing

The Law of Seed is a reality which has long been forgotten. This is a life lesson ought to be learned yet taken for granted.

Now, how the Law of Seed does relates to Social Media Marketing?

Well, we couldn’t answer that question unless we clearly identified to ourselves what the Law of Seeds really wants us to learn. The lesson of the seed is simple – we should reap our harvest after we have done our work.

Say for example, literally, we dig the soil, plant the seed, then water it. This initial process indeed requires a lot effort. Of course, a seed doesn’t naturally grow in a snap of a finger so we have to wait for a while before we can actually pick fruits from what we planted.

From the example above, it gives us a very simple and true equation of -- Effort + Patience = Results. It’s a law applicable to all walks of life thus is also true in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing according to wiki’s definition is also known as social influence marketing which is the act of using social influencers, social media platforms, online communities for marketing, publication relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools today includes Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and a whole lot more.

Understanding the definition alone, we can already grasp how much effort you should expect to invest in. True that social media marketing is one of the most innovative ways to market and build your business’ brand online but that does not mean everything will be easy when you get your feet wet in social media marketing. It requires small business owners a lot of effort and patience before to see the results.

I’ve thought of a very simple example which would relate to reaping what you sow in social media marketing. Take Twitter for example. Twittering about your business has indeed become one of the most lovable social media techniques. In fact a lot has already written their reasons why they love Twitter. I even have written my list of Twitter tips which I am actually inspired to continue sharing about what I learned from Twitter when invited the readers to share their Twitter tips.

But I’m telling you that Twitter won’t be friendly to your business if you don’t have tons of relevant followers reading your updates. Unless you build your followers effectively and you build relationships with other Twitter tweeps, you will surely say, Twitter is just a waste of time for me and for my business.

You see what I mean? It requires a lot of effort and patience before you will see the results. Still from beginning to end, the Law of Seed applies.

Mary Grace Ignacio is an aspiring ITpreneur and a hobbyist traveler. She is the Editor of her own business blog which you can find @ InternetBizNez.Blogspot.Com. Connect with her on Twitter @girlopinion.


  1. Good post -- it shows that like anything in business, you must work at social media for it to be effective.

  2. Nice post. I think you touch on the key reason why so many marketing managers have a problem with Social Media - it requires patients and advance planning. If your default modus operandi is the quick fix, then this approach can seem quite daunting. Sean Duffy @brandranter (

  3. Thank you! What a very useful post...
    I also found something interesting about "The importance of being seeded"