Sunday, July 12, 2009


It is pretty hard to stay away from blogging after I announced to take a break... I got an email from a fellow member of a historical association wondering what I should do in my spare time. He mentioned something about cats, flowers and "members of the opposite sex". I don't know so much about flowers due to the lack of green thumbs and I am not actively searching for the right one at the moment. [Editor's note: I have to get hold of a t-shirt from NetBachelor first.] So, I have to do some cat blogging instead!

Morris the cat in the washing-up sink.

Book I read: GETTING THINGS DONEImage by jetalone via Flickr

I haven't been able to catch up with my email inbox yet. I have 22,505 email messages in my inbox at the moment. I have to archive them and start from scratch, using GTDinbox and Gtagenda...

I am glad that I have "cleaned" my computer desktop at last. I used a program called Fences. In order to get inspiration for my ongoing workflow battle, I have added a GTD wallpaper by Anabubula.

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