Sunday, June 1, 2008


I did not have time to write the blogiversay post on my birthday on May 25. At the moment, I can really relate to the below image... [Editor's note: I can explain my situation more in detail if you send me an email.]

Book Cover Idea

I will take a short break from my regular blogging, but I will continue to be active in the blogosphere. During the summer period (June - August) I will prepare for my future blogging. I plan to use more "web 2.0" applications, e.g., video email messages, podcasting shows and Twitter notes. I want to write more on social media trends and business opportunities in network marketing. I will publish posts on the U.S. history on a regular basis. I am interested in acquiring new knowledge in critical project & supply chain management. My long-range goal is to establish "the third place" for entrepreneurs and business minded individuals.

Here are some statistics:

  • Authority #40 and ranked 169,442 on Technorati.
  • Traffic rank of 434,577 on Alexa.

The daily visits to my blog have decreased a lot, but on the other hand the subscriptions to the RSS feed have increased to about 100 readers. I have to look over the scripts from third parties and the overall design of template in order to optimize the loading and viewing experience of the page.

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