Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Here is a short blog post between the regular "broadcast"...

From The Local: 'Yes' to surveillance law.

Swedish lawmakers came down in favour of a fiercely debated surveillance bill in a vote at the Riksdag on Wednesday evening. (06/18/08,

Big Brother will watch my email correspondence, financial trading with currencies, etc.

Here is an excerpt from Danny O'Brien's post, Sweden and the Borders of the Surveillance State.

A proposed new law in Sweden (voted on this week, after much delay) will, if passed, allow a secretive government agency ostensibly concerned with signals intelligence to install technology in twenty public hubs across the country. There it will be permitted to conduct a huge mass data-mining project, processing and analysing the telephony, emails, and web traffic of millions of innocent individuals. Allegedly these monitoring stations will be restricted to data passing across Sweden's borders with other countries for the purposes of monitoring terrorist activity: but there seems few judicial or technical safeguards to prevent domestic communications from being swept up in the dragnet. Sound familiar? (06/15/08, Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

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