Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It is not strange that Iraq ended up like quagmire as it is today, if you look at a history without something connecting the population. The only stable group was the Jewish population, but they were put in exile in 1948. Britain started out to protect its interest in the region after the occupation of the three main cities (Basrah, Baghdad and Mosül) that had belonged as provinces of the Ottoman Empire. First the British wanted to secure the oil sources in Iran and the privileged trading position, but then it gradually gave in and gave the Iraqis pseudo-independence step by step. The only thing that the Iraqis could rally for, was the resentment against the British and the Western world. A form of nationalism called Pan-Arabism came out of this situation.

It is clear from the lecture that Iraq has had a slow development and came too late. The only glimmer of hope was governor (1869 - 1871) Midhat Pasha.

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