Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I will do as in 2006 and write my annual blog report on my birthday on May 25. Please stay tuned...

I have to sit down, take some time and go through my resolving thoughts by conducting a "thinking on paper" session. [Editor's note: I am interested in getting coaching from a fellow blogger. I want to find a mentor out there in the blogosphere...]

I will start to focus on becoming a specialist in a certain field and therefore my blogging could take a new route. I think you get a hint in which direction I am heading, after you listen to the podcast interview, How To Become A Recognized Expert, with Bob Summers, reading the Sixty Second Tech Special Report: Twitter For Marketers by Cal Evans and my post, MOBILE PHONES AND PRODUCT CYCLES. Each link will create a strong chain and become a portal with wealth of valuable information.