Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have now added an "Add to Mixx" feature to the blog posts. I learned how to add it by reading Will Kern's post, Teaching an old dog new tricks. I also added "Twit This!" so I could figure out how to use Twitter on a daily basis.

I have removed the "Digg It" application due to the negative attitude floating around on such type of sites. [Editor's note: You could still use Digg It and other services, if you use the "Add This!" bookmark function.] I will keep the StumbleUpon feature, because you never know when a new visitor will find this place. I am still using the Sphere gadget to find related content to my posts.

The whole idea is to get more organized and inform people what I am up to at the moment. I will start to use Netvibes as my start page. It is a similar service as iGoogle, but I think you could use it for more stuff.

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  1. Martin,
    I am so glad that you came across my blog and that post. Furthermore, I am excited that you have added Mixx to your FeedFlare. Let me know if you have any other questions. By the end of next week, Mixx will be a default option in the FeedFlare list, so you will also be able to add it to your site along with all the other flare items that you may already have.