Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Carnival of the Recipes #81 will have a Danish theme. Here is an excerpt from this week's edition:

Next week the Carnival moves onto Egoist and emphasizes a Danish theme. I think I will submit a recipe for Freedom Roses of President Bush, otherwise known as delicious red, white and blue pinwheel Danishes. Just to get you in the mood, I've saved the best for last with this week's Danish themed recipes. Mensa Barbie has a wicked looking 4 Cheese Danish Tart. KeeWee has Danish Dumplings called Bleskiver. (, 02/26/06.)

From Sissy Willis's post, The taste of freedom:

Update II: Blogfriend Martin Lindeskog of EGO is hosting the Carnival of the Recipes with a Danish theme a week from today. That's March 4, Feast day of St. Casimir, Prince of Poland (b. 1458), according to Answers:

When Casimir was thirteen he was offered the throne of Hungary by factions discontented with king Mattias Corvinus. Casimir, who was eager to defend the Cross against the Turks, accepted the call and went to Hungary to receive the crown.

It is an ancient wound. But meanwhile -- like music -- food is the language we all understand, so we invite you to put on your chef's hat and send in your Danish-themed recipes to Martin ASAP. (, 02/24/06.)

[Editor's note to Sissy: Thanks for the suggestion...]

Further instructions will be posted on the following blogs:

[Editor's note to Roger L. Simon: Yes, we will serve drinks! Cheers!]

You could submit your entries in several ways, e.g., via Blog Carnival or Conservative Cat's Carnival Submit Form.

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