Tuesday, February 14, 2006


From the article, Saudi lovers suffer blues over red roses:

Valentine's day is a bonanza for florists around the world. But selling red roses is complicated in Saudi Arabia, where religious authorities tell young people not to imitate western culture, especially when the celebration is related to a Christian saint. (FT.com, 02/13/06.)

I wonder if the members of the American Family Association are aware that Valentine's Day has its roots from celebrating the god of fertility...

Here is a quote by Dwayne Bell:

It seems it's much more important to Christian totalitarians to not fall behind the Islamic totalitarian tyrannies in the world. Not only are the AFA and its supporters completely unconcerned what living under a religious dictatorship would be like for our children and grandchildren, it would appear that this is their ultimate goal.

In light of the fact that internationally right now the U.S. is siding with Islamic thugs over the Dutch free speech activists, do we have long to wait for similar violence domesticly from totalitarian Christians? (BodyInMind.com, 02/11/06.)

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