Monday, February 16, 2004


I recommended John Ridpath's article, America Needs a Leader Like George Washington, in a comment to Michael Van Winkle's (Chicago Report) post, Longing for Gridlock? Or Maybe Not. Here is an excerpt of Dr. Ridpath's article:

"On Presidents' Day, Americans have an opportunity to reflect on its Presidents--past and present--and particularly on those who have been great leaders. History is replete with examples of charismatic power-lusting "leaders" directing mindless and obedient legions on campaigns of suppression and destruction. But America's great leaders have been different."

On this day, I take the opportunity to "rattle" my tip jar. If you have a selfish interest in keeping this blog going, take some time and think about how much value this site is for you. You have several options to pick if you want to support my blogging. If you have a product or service you want to promote, place an ad through Blogads. If you want to give cash, use the PayPal button. If you want to buy me stuff, check out my wish lists at Amazon. Scroll down the page and look under the category titled "Support" for more ways to support this blog. Please explore the ways you could support my efforts, by clicking on the links and banners. I want to end this PR message by thanking all my readers for visiting my blog, subscribing to email updates, commenting on my posts, and for you who have purchased EGO products and books from Amazon (via affiliated links and wish lists).

In honor of this day, I have added a portrait of George Washington (by Gilbert Stuart) to the Patriotic Poster category. Please tell me how you will celebrate the Presidents' Day!

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