Monday, February 23, 2004


Ralph Nader, the so-called consumer advocate, has announced that he is running for President. Hopefully this will increase Bush's chances to win the election. The negative effect of Nader's campaign is a potential shift of the political agenda towards a more environmentalist (read: anti-man) viewpoint. For more on Nader's hidden (?) agenda, read N.Z. Bear's post, Run Ralph, Run!

What do you think of this quote by Nader:

"We need to restore the sovereignty explicit in the Preamble to our Constitution - 'We, the People' - not for sale, can decide to displace the corporate controls that try to make everything for sale."

For a background on the Green Party, read Christopher Archangelli's article, The Green Menace. Here is an excerpt:

"Back in the dark Cold War days of 1984 a seed was brought to American soil. Fallen from the vine of the Green Party in Germany, planted in the dark socialist earth of the American Left, and watered with rampant anti-Americanism, the Green Committees of Correspondence took root in 1990 and adopted their first national Platform. By 1996 the Green Party was formed and the twelve years of growth had created a succulent fruit for the far-left movement: the watermelon. Green on the outside and red on the inside, the watermelon became the perfect metaphor for the Green Party with its deeply Marxist philosophy hidden underneath a thin environmentalist façade. If only the Greens had a sense of humor they might actually adopt the melon as their official symbol."

If you are interested in the strange political landscape (with an ugly mix of socialists, communists, and environmentalists) of Sweden, read my post, SWEDISH ELECTION.

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