Wednesday, February 4, 2004


I have noticed that my toolbar (powered by Google) has blocked popup ads on my blog. I wondered some time about the source and came up with the conclusion that it could be Bravenet. I sent them an email and got this reply:

"We do have popup advertisements on the majority of our service, but they are on every so many clicks, so your visitors won't be bombarded with them all at once."

I understand that a company like Bravenet must use different kinds of advertisement in order to provide the huge range of free webtools, but I am not so sure about the effectiveness of the pop-ups in the long run. I want to keep my guestmap, FAQ, poll, et.c., so I hope you don't mind a commercial break now and then. If you think that the pop-ups are annoying, please get a pop-up blocker. Don't hesitate to send me a email about this issue, or add a comment to this post.

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