Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Read Jeff Jarvis' interesting thoughts on how we "expose our thoughts with our words and our relationships with our links."

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Here is an excerpt from Body in Mind's "About Us" page:

"Interest in both the site and its subject continues to grow around the world, as evidenced by the proliferation of like-minded sites that have surfaced on the web in recent years. But as yet Body in Mind remains the original and only true thinking man's beauty site, the only site to feature morality and philosophy mixed with breathtaking beauty in an intelligent, moral, and purposeful way. D.Bell calls this kind of beauty superbeauty, because of its special power to motivate and reward moral behaviour in us."

Here is a quote from the back cover of Burgess Laughlin's book, The Aristotle Adventure:

"The daily news is filled with stories of crime, famine, and tribal warfare. All these horrors are products of the irrational foundation of most world culture. But what about the good things in life -- such as the insights of science, the products of technology, and the pleasures of prosperity? Their foundation is a philosophy of reason. An indispensable tool of that philosophy is logic.

That tool and that philosophy came from Aristotle around 330 BC. How did they reach us through all that time?"

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