Sunday, February 1, 2009


I haven't become rich on my blogging yet, but I see great potential in this field in the long-run. I have gathered plenty of experience and knowledge of social media and the web (2.0?) during these 6+ years I have been publishing stuff in this electronic journal / weblog. My philosophical perspective has helped me to get a good grip of what's going on in the blogosphere. If you want to hire me for a talk / discussion / workshop or some other event on blogging and social media, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or via a social / business network, e.g. LinkedIn. As a "trader in matter & spirit," I am open to discuss different terms of exchange of values, i.e., delivery of service and payment. As a supporter of objective money, i.e., precious metals, my standard price is 1 kg / ~35.27 oz of silver (Ag) according to the buy rates at GoldMoney for a 1/2 working day (circa 4 hours, effective time).

In order to receive some monetary reward for my blogging, I have added several options for my readers, friends and supporters to show their appreciation in different ways:

Send a donation via PayPal. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (right column) and click on the "donate" button. I want to use John Cox's statement as an eloquent example on how to put it in a good way:

If you enjoy John's site, one way to encourage him is to make a donation via PayPal. It's money well spent and deeply appreciated. (

Another way to give tip ("to insure performance") is to use TipJoy's service. I have set the micro-donation to the small amount of a quarter (25 cents). Want to buy me a cup of tea or coffee? Enter your e-mail address and click on the "tipjoy" button and you will keep EGO blogging! :)

You could also buy stuff from my wish list at Amazon. I have listed products that I can use as tools for my blogging, e.g., a digital voice recorder so I could store ideas and "note to self" tidbits, a camcorder for taking video clips on the move, and plenty of books for future reading.

If you want to become an EGO "ambassador" and walking "billboard," feel free to purchase stuff from my online stores. If you want to spread the good word, buy an EGO stamp and send a snail mail to a friend.

I don't think I will get rich on advertising, but I am happy to provide my readers with different products and services that could be of interest. I will write individual posts on the different advertising services. Please check them out!


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