Saturday, December 13, 2008


If you adore beautiful women, you will find a gold mine in Dwayne Bell's book, Super Beauties: Nude and Natural. It is packed with more than 400 stunning photos taken by over 20 different photographers.

To learn more about the superbeauties covered in this collection, check out the galleries at Body in Mind.

Here is a special offer from Body in Mind:

Win a FREE copy of Super Beauties - nude and natural. Join Body in Mind by clicking on this link and you could win a FREE copy of the new Body in Mind book: Super Beauties, nude and natural. Every month for the next 3 months (December, January and February) Body in Mind will draw a winner from its members who joined from an affiliate site. Super Beauties, nude and natural is a beautifully bound hard cover book with 364 pages of the most superbeautiful women they've found: Nikkala Stott, Peta Todd, Jewel, Britney, Klaudia, Nadya, Linda, and of course, Tracy. And many more. Sign-up for Body in Mind now to get your chance to win this month's prize.

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  1. Perhaps I will check this out at the library LOL