Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am still trying to figure how to use Twitter in an optimal way. Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

At this moment, I have a Twitter grade of 87 (#41,527 overall rank, out of 563,695).

Read Using Twitter... 'The Smart Way' by Mark Ramskill. [Editor's note to self: Check out SubHub's online publishing platform later on.]

Check out the video, Twitter in Plain English, by Lee LeFever.

You could follow an interesting comment thread to Anita Campbell's post, You Should be Looking for Small Businesses on Twitter. I have added Randa Clay's Twitter graphic to my section with the latest five "tweets" (Twitter Updates).

In the news: Twitter: Secret Business Model On Track For Q1 - Silicon Alley Insider.

I think that the following quote from Evan Williams's post, What Blogger Should Do, is right on target and I hope to see this feature mentioned at Blogger Buzz blog sometime in the future...

Become the Aggregator: One possible answer to the question to what role does the stand-alone blog live in the age of a million-and-one generalized and specialized participatory web experiences is as a personal aggregator that reflects back the other stuff one does on the web. Yes, I'll load all that stuff into FriendFeed, but that's not my "online presence" as we used to say back in the day. Everybody (or at least a lot of people) needs an URL -- and one without a ? in it. I want my tweets, and my photos, and my whatevers to show up on evhead.com (hosted by Blogger) in an attractive way. (Evhead.com, December 3, 2008.)

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