Saturday, December 6, 2008


From Robert Tracy's post, Word Press Upgrade Easy?!:

I’m an image man, and a trader. Anyone out there who can do the upgrade for me without losing what I’ve got, I propose a trade. You do the upgrade for me. I make a graphic or any other image of your desire for you. As long as my image doesn’t require creating a traditional drawing or painting in the traditional manner. I rarely take commissions on my traditional work, and besides it takes too long.

I know I have few viewers of my blog. Of these I ask to spread the word on my offer. (Illustrated Ideas, December 6, 2008.)

I think he needs help with his RSS feed too. I have his feed on my Blog List, but I don't get his latest posts listed on my blog. It looks like this at the moment:

Illustrated Ideas
Introducing Brian Faulkner, Poet. - I’ve found a living poet who seems to possess an unlimited imagination. I find delight, inspiration and encouragement in his works. Find him at: Brian Faul...
9 months ago

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