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I agree with Howie of The Jawa Report. The Muhammad Dog sketch is more of a chicken scratch than a sketch of a dog with a face of Mohammad (read "Moo-ham-mad"). [Editor's comment: Please feel free to send me better sketches of the so-called the "last prophet of God". We have to keep the mullahs on their toes...]

[By Lars Vilks. Source: United Associations For a Free Iran.]

Here is an excerpt from Lars Ströman's (editorial writer of the Swedish newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda) article, The right to ridicule a religion.

"I think the drawings are good. But there is also a sense of fear here at the local heritage centre that it will lead to problems and conflict," says Märtha Wennerström, responsible for the art exhibition in Tällberg (SvD 21/7).
So art galleries are allowing themselves to be frightened by a diffuse threat. They are giving the message that it is easy to be frightened into silence.

The right to freedom of religion and the right to blaspheme religions go together. They presuppose one another. (, 08/28/07.)

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UPDATE 09/05/07:

In the news:

Vandals burn copies of Nerikes Allehanda - The Local.

Swedish Muslim group plans to sue newspaper for Prophet Muhammad drawing - International Herald Tribune.

Lars Vilks has received a death threat from a woman on the west coast of Sweden - Göteborgs-Posten.

UPDATE 09/16/07:

Media and Prime Minister rally around cartoonist
- The Local.

Sign the petition, Support Free Speech, Support Lars Vilks.

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