Saturday, September 22, 2007


Leif Edvinsson visited Blue Chip Café & Business Center on September 20. He was interviewed by TilliT (meaning "trust" in Swedish) TV. The interview was conducted in the form of a talking circle session with Mikael Engström (TilliT), Jack Johansson (AlltArMojligt.Nu) and Leif Edvinsson (UNIC). Leif Edvinsson gave the following comment:

Trust's happy live news is a new positive form of Reuters. (translated from TilliT's site, 09/20/07.)

[Editor's comment: It definitively is a great need for an alternative news source if you read about "Retuersgate"...]

Professor Leif Edvinsson received The Brain of the Year Award in 1998. Check out Tony Buzan's site for more information.

Have you read Corporate Longitude: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Knowledge Economy by Leif Edvinsson?

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