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Welcome to the Carnival of the Recipes #81. This compilation of recipes has a Danish theme. [Editor's note: Check out the cuisine of Denmark at] As a starter, I recommend you to read All For One by Amit Ghate. [Via Gus Van Horn.]

So, without further ado, please have a seat and check out the menu!



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Side orders

Main courses

Frikadeller, rolls off your tongue, just like a swear word.
Forty years ago, I helped my mother make, it seemed like hundreds, of frikadellers, for my after the wedding reception party we had back at the house, and quite a party it was too. If there is one thing us kiwis know how to do, it is party.
We made the frikadellers smaller than you see in the picture, so they could be eaten using toothpics, as I remember there were a couple of different sauces on the side.
They are especially tasty if they are cooked in bacon fat.
[Editor's comment: Mmm, How abut DANISH BACON...]

I prewrote this thinking he wanted Danish recipes. When I read the post today, I realized he is asking for Danish pastry...Well, this isn't pastry, and I'm not redoing the post. I figure you'll need a little protein to go with all that sugar so I'm submitting it anyway.
[Editor's comment: I am sorry for causing any inconvenience. I should have be more precise in the description. But, as a fun twist, I hereby announce a meme. Please send your DANISH PASTRY (a.k.a "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad" in Iran) recipes, or a photo of a pastry, and I will update the post later on.]

What is the difference between American and Danish baby back ribs? There is one more rib on the Danish ribs....13 instead of 12! The Danish hog is called the "Land Race." Mark went on to say that there are three defining points to the taste of pork ribs. The breed of the hog, what it is fed, and the age it is slaughtered.


I have the in on Danish foods, as my husband is half Danish and came from Junction City, Oregon, which has its annual Scandinavian Festival every August. Apparently, that's where all the Minnewegians who took the Oregon Trail moved.


Ok, so the theme for this week's Carnival of the Recipes is "Danish". But I wasn't sure if that meant "recipes for Danish pastry", or "recipes for Danish foods". I'm easily confused. So, I bagged out of that path altogether.
[Editor's comment: I am sorry for the confusion. It must be the Scandinavian language...;)]

How about ending this carnival by drinking a glass of Danish bitter called Gammel Dansk ("Old Danish")?

Or, maybe you prefer a glass of Matilde cocoa milk?

[Hat tip to H.M.]

Next week's edition of the Carnival of the Recipes will be announced by Punctilious of Blog o'RAM. The deadline for submissions for next week's edition is on Saturday, March 11, at noon Central Standard Time. You could send your entries via Blog Carnival, Conservative Cat, or send it by email to: "recipe.carnival AT gmail DOT com". I will update the post with the name of the host as soon as I get the schedule. If you are interested in hosting a future carnival, please send an email message to "recipe.carnival AT gmail DOT com" with the word "host" in the subject line.

UPDATE: One For The Road will host next week's edition of the Carnival of the Recipes.

UPDATE 03/11/06:

Thanks for your comments and trackback links! As promised, here is a photo of a Danish, a.k.a "Rose of the Prophet Muhammad". You are welcome to send pictures of pastries, or other sweet stuff. [Editor's comment: How about a "Havarti hottie"? [Via Michelle Malkin.]]

UPDATE 03/18/06:

Here is another recipe: Chili Van Horn by Gus Van Horn.

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