Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Read Angus McDowell's article, Pawns in Tehran's bitter power struggle.

From Noumenalself's post, Those tricky Iranians:

The Iranians are not a bunch of fools. They know how to manipulate the Western press. They knew that a "human interest" story could easily distract from murky reports about student unrest. And with all the media attention on the Berg and Johnson and Il-Sun killings, it would be a no-brainer that an Iranian mini-crisis would create lots of attention of its own.

On the day (12/14/03) of Saddam Hussein's capture, I wrote the following:

It's time to put the spotlight on Iran. When will Mohammad Khatami and the mullahs receive the same treatment as Saddam Hussein? I will keep writing posts on Iran, until the ayatollah regime is gone. It could take a long time, because they are "smooth talkers" compared with "Baghdad Bob." President Khatami said at the UN digital summit that they have blocked 240 "websites that are not compatible with Islam."

If you want to expose the Mullahs and stay informed on what is going on Iran, join Blog-Iran's Freedom Challenge.



UPDATE 06/24/04:
Here is an excerpt from Jefferson Morley's article, Assertive Iran Sends Uncle Sam a Message:

In commentary, the sailors are seen as pawns in a geopolitical chess game between Iran, the largest country in the region, and the United States, the region's preeminent military power. At stake: Iran's influence over soon-to-be sovereign Iraq and the spread of nuclear weapons in the region. (Washington Post, 06/24/04.)

How should the Western world respond to this message? My suggestion is to use gunboat diplomacy, instead of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's version of a so-called "policy of constructive engagement."

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