Sunday, June 6, 2004


Time to Celebrate Capitalism™! This event is founded by a guy called Prodos in Australia. If you want to understand why you should fight for laissez-faire capitalism, please take some time and read The Bernstein Declaration. [Editor's note: I look forward to Andrew Bernstein's forthcoming book, The Capitalist Manifesto.] Dr. Bernstein will be speaking at the walk for capitalism in New York City. I participated in the activity in December 2002. Here is an excerpt from my post, RADICAL FOR CAPITALISM:

I walked for capitalism in Gothenburg on December 1. I think it was good timing to have it in early December as an antidote to the stupid "Buy Nothing Day." This was the second time I joined a demonstration. Last time (I think it was 1984) it was against socialism and the regulated economy. The goal this time was to spread a positive message and show why capitalism is both a moral and a practical system. Some anti-capitalists from the "Attac(k)" organization distributed flyers with their propaganda. A more aggressive mob of about 10 people tried to infiltrate the demonstration and interrupt our peaceful walk. They didn't care about our right to freedom of speech. The good thing was that the police took care of the problem. A local politician gave a speech after we have finished the walk. It was pretty ok in the beginning but ended in party slogans. It had been better to invite a strong individual like Oriana Fallaci. Read her article, Fiorentini, esprimiamo il nostro sdegno ("Fiorentini, we express our disdain" - translated from Italian).

Overall, I think it was worth the time to attend the event. My hope is that some of the participants and others who have read about the event will be interested in reading the Bernstein Declaration and studying the six "official" thinkers for the Prodos' Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign.

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