Sunday, June 6, 2004


Time for my weekly post on Iran. Yesterday I received an email message from Free Iran News. Here is an excerpt:

Dear Blogger, Activist and Compatriot:

We are contacting you as well as many other bloggers who have been active with regard to relaying news and information about the Iranian people's struggle. Yesterday, June 5th, marks the beginning of a contest called the "Freedom Challenge", which will run until July 9th (18tir).

From the site:

If you are a blogger who supports the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom, then you've come to the right place. To participate in this challenge, which will run from June 5th - July 9th (18tir), all you need is a blog and the desire to unite with thousands of other bloggers from around the world, who all believe in the Iranian people's right to be free from the tyrannical hell that is currently imposed upon them.

Your objective, as a blogger, is to try and recruit as many fellow bloggers as you can, to join the 'BLOG-IRAN' Coalition. If you aren't currently a member of 'BLOG-IRAN', don't worry, you can join the coalition right now, and begin competing in this challenge immediately.