Tuesday, June 22, 2004


This news item should definitively be categorized as a Dollar post (Dollars & Crosses News Commentary @ Capitalism Magazine).

In the news: First privately funded manned flight opens new chapter.

Is this the first step towards space tourism? How long will it be until you could book a ticket to Mars?

From USA Today:

But in its own way, this short flight on a pint-sized rocket was a giant achievement. Funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and built by legendary airplane designer Burt Rutan, it's an example of what makes America such a vibrant place. The project unites the nation's genius for free enterprise, its hunger to push back frontiers and its abiding love of contests. (Yahoo News / USAToday.com, 06/22/04.)

[Editor's note to Linda Zimmerman and Quent Cordair: Cheers! To my readers: Go to the studio at Cordair Fine Art and read the post, Toasting the Launch of SpaceShipOne.]

For more links, go to Cox & Forkum's post, Open for Business. [Editor's comment: Do you see the dollar sign?]

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UPDATE 06/23/04:
Read Anita Campbell's post, The Entrepreneurization of Space.

UPDATE 06/26/04:
Here is an excerpt from Robert Garmong's article, Privatize Space Exploration:

There is a contradiction at the heart of the space program: space exploration, as the grandest of man's technological advancements, requires the kind of bold innovation possible only to minds left free to pursue the best of their thinking and judgment. Yet, by placing the space program under governmental funding, we necessarily place it at the mercy of governmental whim. The results are written all over the past twenty years of NASA's history: the space program is a political animal, marked by shifting, inconsistent, and ill-defined goals. (MensNewsDaily.com, 06/23/04.)

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