Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I am not a religious person, but I had to use the above title in order to describe my outrage over the beheading of Paul Johnson, Jr. I had the same reaction as Nicholas Provenzo (Rule of Reason):

When I reflect upon the kind of mentality that would commit such an act, it makes me shudder. When I reflect on the mentality that will not answer such deeds with righteous, ruthless force, it makes me want to punch the wall.

You have to read Edward Cline's open letter to President George W. Bush. Here is the first part of the letter:

Dear President Bush:

It is necessary to point out, if only for the record, that your failure to retaliate for the beheading of Nick Berg last month, has only emboldened terrorists to expand their range of operations from Iraq to Saudi Arabia, and to proceed to behead Americans and Westerners there, as well, combining those actions with murderous rampages. Yesterday, it was Paul M. Johnson, Jr.'s videotaped murder that was thrown back in our faces. Next week or next month it will be another American's. (CapitalismMagazine.com, 06/19/94.)

If you want to understand the situation in Saudi Arabia, read Stephen Schwartz' article, The Arab Hall of Mirrors.

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