Sunday, January 18, 2004


Who is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? Read the profile on BBC.

In the news:
Can Iranians change their political system?
Iran's Guardian Council Begins Reviewing Candidate Blacklist.

Recommended source: Death to Theocracy - Free Iran: Establish a Society in Iran Based on the Principle of Individual Rights.

UPDATE 01/19/04: In the news:
Bring Justice to Iran. [Via Iran va Jahan.]
The Anti-Reform Headquarters, Hard-Line Websites, and Parallel Organizations. [Via Iran va Jahan.]

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

UPDATE 01/21/04: Reader M. Simon asked about the TV program on January 18. Read about the plan of a "national blackout," i.e., turning off the lights.

In the news: Khatami 'will not quit' over vote row.

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