Saturday, January 17, 2004


Here is another example of modern "art" (read: trash). The Museum of National Antiquities in Sweden (Stockholm) has an "installation" called "Snow White And The Madness Of Truth." Zvi Mazel, Ambassador of Israel, took action and expressed his anger by "re-shaping" the "installation"... Click here for a video. Here is a description of the "art" exhibit:

"The artwork consisted of a rectangular basin filled with red fluid. A boat floated on top carrying a portrait of Hanadi Jaradat, who killed herself and 22 Israelis in an attack on a restaurant in the northern Israeli city of Haifa in October." [Reuters.]

M�rten Barck (Watch) has more about the terrorist bomber, Hanadi Jaradat.

UPDATE 01/18/04: In the news:
Israeli envoy to Sweden pulls plug on exhibit glorifying suicide bomber.
'Ambassador, you're really spoiling our party'.
Sharon praises ambassador for damaging Swedish exhibit.

For a background on the "artists" and their political views, read the petition "Jewish Manifesto: Sharon is Israel's Worst Enemy" by the organization, Jews for Israeli - Palestinian Peace. [Editor: Bring out a sickbag before you read the petition. You will find that Noam Chomsky has signed the petition...]

UPDATE 01/19/04: Israel's Embassy in Stockholm will be relocated.

Read my letter, Modern trash at museum, @ Jerusalem Post online edition.

UPDATE 01/21/04: In the news:
Israeli ambassador says Swedish press is pro-Arab.
Israel downgrades delegation to Swedish genocide conference.

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