Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Do you want to see an example of the Benevolent Universe Premise in action?

Jennifer Iannolo's (@foodphilosophy) message on Twitter:

Sometimes when bad things happen, a hero like @shlevy steps in. I am so incredibly honored by this post. Thank you. (04/13/10)

From  Shea Levy's post, A Truly Worthy Cause:

Through her tweets at @foodphilosophy, her blog posts at Food Philosophy, her work with the Culinary Media Network, and her efforts to make Sex On a Plate revolutionize the way we experience food, Jennifer is an inspiration and an amazing example of a woman who loves life on a visceral, emotional, and intellectual level and who works to make life even better. Unfortunately, her apartment was broken into recently and, among other things, her laptop was stolen. If ever there was a person who deserved assistance in facing a crisis that occurred through no fault of her own, it's Jenn. Whether you want to consider it a payment for her past work or an investment to allow her to continue producing amazing things, please consider donating to the fund I've set up to help her replace her laptop. The donation is through Paypal, and you can get to the donation page by clicking this link, clicking the button below, or clicking the button on the sidebar. (Cogito's Thoughts, 04/12/10.)

Click on the Donate button (powered by PayPal):

If you want to support her work, buy her & Mark Tafoya's book, The Gilded Fork - Entertaining At Home: A Year of Dinner Parties.

I want to create a "sassfully delicious" drink for Jennifer Iannolo... Do you have any suggestions? Maybe I should make a Margarita with a twist?

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