Friday, January 23, 2009


Premium Blog Templates

I decided to invest 20 bucks in a new EGO blog template. The original Revolution Two Lifestyle theme for WordPress was created by by Brian Gardner. The Blogger template is converted and enhanced by David Cowgill of eBlog Templates. Click here to view more details.

It was not much hassle to install this new template, but I must state for the record that this site will be under construction for some time. I have used John Cox's "banner rough" of EGO header as a temporary decoration during this under construction period. Here are some things that I have to look into:

  • Fix the RSS feed for comments.
  • Decide on the layout of the archives.
  • Create an EGO favicon.
  • Check Google's AdSense status.
  • Explore opportunities with the sponsor & affiliate area.
  • Play around with fonts and colors.

What's your reaction to this post? Is it "funny", "interesting" or "cool"? Any suggestions on this "check mark" feature?

I wonder if I should decrease the amount of posts on the front page? I have now 20 posts on the first page. I will keep an effort to limit the loading time of the page as much is possible. I have to investigate some external sources that could lead to trouble. [Editor's comment: Have you experienced loading problem with e.g., "" (Google?) and "" (RealNetworks?)] I will test this new template in many different browsers by using a tool called Browsershots.

Posts in the pipeline:

  • How to tip and support EGO, the joy of a useful micro-donation, fuel for future blogging, etc.
  • Three good things with Twitter (3 daily tweets on #goodthings).
  • Getting Things Done, Action Method, Think Simple Now, et al.

Click here to visit eBlog Templates website!

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