Sunday, September 28, 2008


Read the fascinating story about "a man who loved typewriters." This is a perfect example on how to write a good article. Here is an excerpt:

His love affair had begun as a schoolboy, with an Underwood Five. It lay uncovered on a teacher’s desk, curved and sleek, the typebars modestly contained but the chrome lever gleaming. He took it gently apart, as far as he could fillet 3,200 pieces with his pocket tool, and each time attempted to get further. A repair man gave him lessons, until he was in demand all across New York. When he met his wife Pearl later, it was over typewriters. She wanted a Royal for her office; he persuaded her into a Remington, and then marriage. Pearl made another doctorly and expert presence in the shop, hovering behind the overflowing shelves where the convalescents slept in plastic shrouds. (The Economist, September 18, 2008.)

Talking about typewriters, here are the facts regarding the origin of Ayn Rand's professional name. She didn't take her last name after the Remington Rand typewriter.

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