Saturday, April 5, 2008


I will try to use Twitter on a regular basis in order to keep my blog readers, fellow bloggers and friends with an updated list of bits & pieces of my daily life, e.g, new blog posts, job assignments, gateways and milestones in projects, networking activities and things going on in my "spare time"...

I found out a new interesting site when I searched on the word "twitter". Biz Stone "twittered" on April 3, at 04:11 PM:

taking notes in my Field Notes book so I can remember it now (

Read Andy Welfle's post, A piece about paper.

For more piece of the action going on with the microblogging phenomena, please read the following:

[Editor's note: I wonder how long time it will take before I have 100 "followers"... Recently I have received a bunch of new twitters following my page. At the moment, I am following 27 microbloggers.]

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