Sunday, January 9, 2005


I must admit that I had high hopes for a new and stronger foreign domestic policy with Condoleezza Rice at the helm, but this is not a good sign...

John Bolton, one of the most powerful hawks in the Bush administration and a robust opponent of Britain's "softly-softly" approach to Iran over its nuclear programme, has lost his job at the State Department. ...

Mr Bolton believed that Teheran should be isolated by United Nations sanctions and, if it would not back down, confronted with the threat of military action. He was also uncompromising about North Korea, describing life in the Stalinist dictatorship as a "hellish nightmare". Pyongyang responded by calling him "human scum". It was apparently Mr Bolton's abrasive approach as much as his unflinching politics that prompted Dr Rice to choose Robert Zoellick, the US trade representative, as her deputy instead. (Rice drops hardliner who scorned Britain's stance on Iran,, 01/09/05.)

Glenn Reynolds wrote yesterday:

ANOTHER IRANIAN CRACKDOWN ON THE INTERNET: I'm really starting to dislike the mullahs. (, 01/08/05.)

Instead of taking NUTTY ADVICE: "HAVE A DIALOGUE WITH TEHRAN," Rice should listen to Struan Stevenson, European PM. [Via Blog-Iran.]

Appeasement is not the way to contain or change this evil regime. Nor is it the path to avoid another war. A nuclear-armed fundamentalist regime will not spare the EU, either. Iran's missiles already can reach southern Europe. The mullahs are now rushing to develop a third-generation missile system able to reach Paris, London and Brussels. (Risks of appeasing Iran's mullahs,, 01/05/05.)

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