Saturday, January 1, 2005


I received the following e-mail message from McGroarty (12/30/04):

Hello. You have a link to James Sedgwick's Certainty Site at:

I was sad to hear that James Sedgwick passed away this past year, and with his passing his account at was terminated. The old URL - - no longer resolves.

I have never met or spoken to Mr. Sedgwick, and know him only through his mailing list postings and The Certainty Site. However, it is clear to me that his ideas and writing should outlive him, so I've set up a replacement which will remain a mirror of his old site. Nothing has been added or changed from his old site. Please feel free to link to the new location:

Certainty Site:

Certainty Plus:

Also, if you have or know of anyone with a saved copy of his online book, "Freedom in Mind," I would appreciate knowing. This is the one part of his site I have not been able to recover from, Google caches, or browser caches.

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