Friday, March 26, 2004


I have added HaloScan's trackback feature to my blog.

Go and read Commissar's (The Politburo Diktat) post, TrackBack Dialectics, for a "Marxist" take on this tool (of the working class;). Here is a message to my fellow bloggers: Please do me a favor and put a trackback link to this post, so I can see if it is working properly. Thanks for your help!

UPDATE 04/16/04: Commissar has a new lecture with the title, Trackbacks - The Peoples' Version.
UPDATE 07/18/04: Here is a message to Rick E. Bruner: I use HaloScan's trackback feature together with Blogger. If you want to "continue the discussion," click on the link to read Politburo Diktat's posts, TrackBack Dialectics and Trackbacks - The Peoples' Version.