Friday, March 19, 2004


A website linked to the terrorist organization Hamas has been hosted in Sweden. It has moved to a host in Russia. The security police has had this site on its radar for a long time, but hasn't done anything about it... Instead it was the Internet provider TeliaSonera that shut down the site after receiving complaints from e.g., the Jewish Community in Gothenburg.

Click here for some examples from the website. You will find excerpts from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, fatwas, and stories by suicide bombers. I wonder who the guy is on the right side of the Hamas leader Abd al-Aziz al-Rantissi.

The web host company has received about $2650 per month from a group of Palestinian students in Lebanon. Ousama Al-Mardini has most of his customers in the Middle East.

UPDATE 03/20/04:

Here is a quote by Magnus Norell, an expert on terrorism at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI):

"In my opinion, the connection is very evident, not least the detailed information about operations that Hamas has conducted and how quickly they are published on the site. It tallies with what Hamas has done before. Everything indicates there is a total connection between Hamas and the web site." (Jerusalem Post, 03/18/04.)

UPDATE 03/25/04:

Here are some more details about Hamas website and its move from Sweden to Russia:

"The website of the Islamic Resistance Organization HAMAS changed its location. The source was outlawed in Sweden for terrorism propaganda and anti-Semitism and is now located at Caravan ISP servers. ... According to "Novye Izvestiya", the main source is located at the server of the internet service provider Caravan, and its mirror at RusBusinessInform site. This source "entertains" visitors with stories about "heroic fight of Palestinian guerrillas against Jewish terrorists"." (Victor Sabadash, Computer Crime Research Center, 03/23/04.) [Via Internet Haganah.]

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

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