Saturday, January 18, 2003


I was going to Gothenburg city to meet a friend and do some shopping. Suddenly we heard a loud noise. It was the anti-war movement (read: useless idiots) marching down the Avenue. My friend and I had to sneak into a caf� in order to get some peace. I had to calm myself down with a cappuccino and a cigarillo. What would happen if somebody had seen my American flag pin on my backpack? According to the newspaper, it was around 4,500 people demonstrating against America. I saw lots of red flags and "Palestinian" flags. I also saw an American flag - turned upside down...

"Rambo": You have a new mission... [Via Drudge Report.]

UPDATE 01/19/03: Check out Sheep�s Clothing by John Cox and Allen Forkum.

In the last paragraph of the above mentioned newspaper article, David Loy, says that he is "ashamed to be a US citizen." I would switch nationality with Mr. Loy in a heartbeat, if it would be possible..

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