Friday, September 20, 2002


Thanks for your comments! I appreciate your feedback. Here are some quick notes:

Blair: I am glad that I could provide you with a good football source. American football is a new sport to me. I still have to learn more about the game and the rules. Please state your favorite team and sports bar. Thanks again for your kind words. Thanks for the online story on the statue of David.

Tom: Thanks for the link to the New York Soaring Towers Coalition. Have you read Matthew J. Dockery's great article, Manhattan Is the Monument?

Harald: I agree with you that you have to know the enemy in order to fight for better ideas, but I still will not pay $35 to hear Chomsky's speech from the "ivory tower." My priority is to visit the book fair in search of good literature, instead of wasting my time and money on a creature like N.C. Thanks for the additional information on Chomsky and Fisk.

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