Thursday, September 5, 2002


I will start to write more posts about the socialist welfare state of Sweden. It is my "home" country, but I don't feel at home in a country based on the "Jante Law." I am an American in spirit. My long-range goal is to become an American citizen. Glenn Reynolds has a post on Sweden. He talks about Sweden's position in the WWII. The leaders took a middle-of-road position and declared Sweden as a neutral country. I will do some research and come back later on with a longer post on the dark history... Mr. Reynolds thinks that Sweden is "poorer than Mississippi according to a Swedish study." I wrote about the study in my post, POOR SWEDEN...

I have a question to my friends in Sweden. How is the political debate going in Sweden, right now? It is an election coming up in a week or so. Do you think that the Socialists (Social Democrats, Left - Communists, Green Party) will win again? I saw that the government has a problem with keeping the books in order... Haven't I heard about that problem before?!

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