Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pieces of the Puzzle

The pieces of the content creation process are starting to get together. Maybe as a tangram?

  1. My three words for the new (Persian) year: Coin(age), Trade, Victory (sign).
  2. B.N.P. toolbox: Blogging, Newsletter(ing), Podcasting
  3. L.I.F.T. framework: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  4. Live streaming and digital town halls.

  • Monday Open thread on Instagram. Post on digital town hall.
  • Tuesday Tech live streaming (for the time being on EasyLive, in the future on TeaParty.Media) and blog post.
  • Wednesday Wrap on LinkedIn and post on digital town hall.
  • Thursday Throwback on Facebook, and Storm in a Teacup live streaming with Boomcaster for future episode of EGO NetCast podcast.
  • Friday Follow on Twitter and post on digital town hall.
  • Saturday Siesta live streaming on Tea Party Media digital town hall, powered by Haaartland, and podcasting.
  • Sunday note to self, weekly review, and issue of Lyceum Bulletin newsletter.

Talking about puzzles, listen to Maria Rubia's tune, Pieces Of My Life, and my conversation with her.

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