Sunday, May 10, 2020


Wow! I missed to publish the annual blog report on May 7! Could it have something to do with book burning? For more on this topic, read issue #18 (MayDay: Do Not Burn🔥This🗞️Newsletter!) of Lyceum Bulletin.

I have now been blogging for 18 years and published 2842 posts. EGO blog has now been viewed >1 million times (pageviews so far: 1,363,463). 48 individuals are following this blog, and the blog has received 311 comments. The blog has reached 79% of the payment threshold. I will not ask readers to click on ads on this blog, but if you see an advertisement that you find interesting, you know what to do... ;) 

I have been a bit more active on this blog during the year, due to the fact that I have set up this blog as a destination through my podcast host, Libsyn, so new episodes of EGO NetCast will automatically show up here as blog posts.

I will do an update on my birthday on May 25 with a special podcast episode, celebrating 18 years as a blogger and 14 years as a podcaster. I will also do a live streaming session, giving a "status report" to the buyers, backers and supporters of my first book on tea. I own the rights to illustrations (by John Cox) in the book, so I want to create merchandise that I could sell to tea enthusiasts.

I am planning to launch my "last" site, TeaParty.Media, around my birthday. In the meantime, you could listen to Tea Party Media podcast.

As a call to action, you are welcome to check out different ways you could support my blogging and work with new media activities. Click this link and go to my page on

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ADDENDUM POST(SCRIPT), MAY 11: Talking about blogging, I recently introduced my friend, Blair, and fellow blogger (The Secular Foxhole), to Fizzle. We will go through the course, Start a Blog that Matters, and have weekly online meetings.  

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