Monday, May 7, 2012


I have now been blogging for 10 years and published 2675 posts. My intention is to continue to publish stuff on EGO blog for at least ten more years...

As I wrote in my post, ANNUAL BLOG REPORT IX, the main thing for the future will be my EGO podcast on BlogTalkRadio. The next EGO interview will be with Anita Campbell, CEO of BizSugar and Small Business Trends. If you want to support my podcasting work, please "like" my EGO podcast Facebook page. You could become a sponsor of the show by placing ads on my EGO blog and an audio spot during the commercial break.

Some stats:

  • Authority #81 on Technorati.
  • Reputation on Alexa: 278 sites linking to EGO blog.

Scroll down the page and check out the section, Popular Posts.

Here are shout out messages to my friends, fans, readers, supporters and fellow bloggers:

EGO - Annual Blog Report X

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