Sunday, October 10, 2010


From my blog post, BLOG FATIGUE, from 2006:

I am feeling a bit down after all terrible news regarding the war on terror. [Hat tip to M.G.] It is hard to write posts at the moment, but I will try to recover from the writer's block. Maybe I should follow Laurence Simon's dress code.

Instead of writing about world politics (e.g., mullahs and other terrorists in the Middle East, dying dictators, etc.), I will talk more about my business and hobbies. (EGO, August 20, 2006)

On this binary date (10/10/10), I will have a fresh start and get back on track again with my blogging schedule. My goal is to publish a post every day, but it could happen that I take a break now and then and publish every other day. At the minimum, I will publish a wrap-up post once a week.
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